SuperiorLand Pet Partners


SuperiorLand Pet Partners (SLPP) was formed to promote pet therapy in the Upper Peninsula. We serve as a resource for those interested in pet therapy and becoming a registered Pet Therapy Team.

The Mission of this volunteer, not-for-profit organization is to enhance the quality of life through Pet Partners therapy. This is accomplished by training and testing Pet Partner Therapy Teams, educating the community to the benefits of Pet Therapy and by providing therapy to the community.

SLPP works with healthcare professionals and provides an opportunity for bonding with pets to drop-in centers, safe homes and assisted living facilities. Members of SuperiorLand Pet Partners are all certified Pet Therapy Teams. All of our teams are registered and insured through Pet Partners.

SuperiorLand Pet Partners is an affiliate of the national Pet Partners organization. SLPP has 5 members who are team evaluators and/or Handler Call instructors.

Will you make a difference as a pet therapy team?

Pet Therapy is a rewarding experience.
You and your dog may work with a person who is at a crossroad in their life. The calming interaction may help point them in the right direction. You and your dog may be the team that helps a child stay in school or try harder to read a book. The time with your dog may keep a person from going back to an abusive situation or calm them when having to deal with a difficult decision. As a Pet Partner team you may be a part of someone’s physical therapy after a stroke or amputation. Petting your dog may be that one thing that keeps an elderly person from becoming depressed. So, will you make a difference?